Butterfly Chirstine Dressage Saddle


The vertically and horizontally moveable hinges of the saddle tree at withers and shoulder makes the adaption to the horse’s movements possible – from walk up to highest collection. No conventional gullet plate at the pommel in this saddle. The remaining “reinforcing bar” cannot exert pressure on the withers. The system of saddle tree makes possible to saddle a large variety of horse’s, differences in shape get compensated by the flexibility.

Flocking adjustments are no longer necessary. The system offers comfortable freedom for shoulder and withers and prevents from painful pressure points at the thoracic trapezius. The rider enjoys a “Close-Contact-Seat“. The system of saddle tree increases forward movement and cadence.

All metal parts are made of high-quality steel. The curved stirrup bars are maintenance free. The billets are made from tear-proof LEMICO®.
The softly padded seat of the Butterfly® Saddles offers high comfort for the rider. The tailored cut guarantees a ”Close-Contact-Seat” for giving precisely riding aids.
Available as dressage, jumping and general-purpose saddle styles.

Designed for the demands of Frisian and deep girthed horses, the Butterfly® Christine is also the perfect dressage saddle for all large barrelled horses.


The Butterfly Saddle

Designed for the demands of large barreled horses the Butterfly Christine comes in 17″ and 18″

Be sure to have a look at the video on Youtube it is fascinating!

Kindly allow 7 – 14 days for shipping





17", 18"


Black, Brown


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